Saturday, November 13th, 2010

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We offer a variety of Internet Marketing related services including…

Website Design

Don’t have a website for your business yet? Let us design one that looks great, gets found in the search engines and turns your visitors into customers.

We have a variety of options and can meet just about any budget. So don’t wait… contact us today for a free website design consultation!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a website but can’t seem to get it found in the search engines, we can help! We offer effective (and competitive) SEO services tailored to each businesses needs.

Unlike other firms, we don’t try to confuse you with industry jargon in an attempt to earn your business. Search Engine Optimization is somewhat complex, but we’ll do our best to give you a good solid overview of the work to be performed and an honest appraisal of what you can expect as a result of our efforts.

Social Media Marketing

You’ve likely heard that many businesses are gaining new customers and growing their “brand” through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. While this is definitely true, it can be somewhat daunting to try this alone.

It’s not hard to create an account and build a simple page but marketing (and updating) your new piece of “virtual real estate” can be quite a challenge.

That’s where we come in… we’ll not only help you build great looking pages, we’ll help you get targeted exposure and come up with a plan to make it easy for you to stay in front of your targeted audience.

Email Marketing

We’re often surprised to hear how few of our clients actually market to their customers via email on a regular basis. This one aspect alone can make a huge impact on a businesses bottom-line and allows you to get your customers to do business with you more often (aka “repeat business”).

Repeat business is key to any businesses survival and without it, many fail altogether.

As it’s much easier to get repeat business than it is to acquire new customers, overlooking email marketing (or any system that allows you to routinely connect with your current customers) is a huge mistake.

To get a thorough understanding of how our email marketing services work, give us a call!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing (i.e. sending marketing messages to your customer’s cell phones) is growing in popularity by the day. While there are a variety of ways to approach Mobile Marketing, ours is effective, unobtrusive and priced lower than most other services.

We offer more than one plan and our basic plan is an incredible value. In fact, we’re so confident we can help you increase your business through the sending of Mobile Coupons, we’ll give you a free 14-day trial so you can experience it for yourself… risk free!

See our Mobile Marketing page for more details or give us a call!

Video Ranking Service

Statistics show that videos that rank high on the search engines have a better click through rate than websites.  Many who perform a search for a product or service, prefer to watch a video rather than  going to a website to find the information that they are looking for.

Whether you currently have a website or not, we could help you by creating a video for your business that is optimized to ranks on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase of your choice. The video will display your business phone number, address and website URL (in case you currently have a website).

We currently offer a two weeks trial for the price of $1 only. For more details and information about our pricing structure, please give us a call or fill out the Form on the “Contact Us” page.

Website Leasing Service

We strive to help small to mid-size businesses to acquire more customers by maximizing their presence on the internet.  In today’s tough economic times, spending thousands of dollars for acquiring a website may not be a viable solution for all businesses, therefore we have included leasing websites among the services that we offer.

In our website leasing model, we pay for the domain name and hosting fees and rank the website on the first page of Google.  The business owner either pays us a one time set up fee (to set up the website with their contact information) plus a monthly lease payment, or we get paid on a per call basis. This is a no-risk proposition as we don’t get paid unless the business receives phone calls from new customers.  For more information about this service please give us a call or fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page.